GoVoIP 3.1 Release Notes

iOS 3.1 (5/3/2021)

Issue Type Key Release Notes Data
Bug IOS-872 Fixed an issue where expanding multiple rows of greetings would jumble up the user interface.
New Feature IOS-866 Added the ability to disable the "Call with Mobile Phone" feature from inside of GoVoIP iOS. Configurable via new UI Config MOBILE_IOS_MOBILE_CALLBACK_ENABLED, which defaults to yes.
Improvement IOS-863 Removed the ability for GoVoIP iOS to use its dark mode on the application's login page. Changed to prevent an odd display issue caused by branded applications that do not use an application logo image with a transparent background.
Bug IOS-862 Added the ability to enable GoVoIP iOS to send comfort noise (CN) RTP packets. Configurable via new UI Config‚ MOBILE_IOS_ENABLE_GENERIC_CN, which defaults to no
Bug IOS-859 Fixed an issue where a user receives call notifications after they have logged out. Attempts to answer or end incoming calls resulted in a crash.
Bug IOS-853 Fixed an issue where a user was unable to scroll through a long list of available SMS numbers when starting a new conversation.
Improvement IOS-847 Added an improvement where chat push notifications will now include an image preview for chat messages that contain an image.
Bug IOS-845 Resolved an issue where MFA-enabled users would encounter app performance issues when their API access/refresh tokens expired.
Improvement IOS-844 Add a persistent notification to GoVoIP iOS to inform the user when the app loses internet connectivity.
Improvement IOS-843 Added a feature where pulling down on a chat notification will allow the user to select a quick reply option to reply to the message directly from the notification without having to open the app.
Improvement IOS-841 Resolved a condition where GoVoIP iOS could crash if too many contact presence or chat availability updates were received simultaneously. 
Improvement IOS-839 Added improvement to disable the Start Call button until the applications SIP client is fully registered, preventing outbound calling issues.
Bug IOS-837 Resolved a condition that could cause a voicemail to display an incorrect duration.
Bug IOS-834 Cleaned up a segment of code that did not correctly URL encode Click-to-Call API requests. If allowed server-side, this allows a callback number to be prefixed with a "+" sign.
New Feature IOS-830 Upon entering a user login, the keyboard for the password text field will now include a ‚"Use Saved Password" button that will allow the user to authenticate and login using biometrics/passcode.  
Improvement IOS-828 Added some restrictions for residential domains. The Contacts tab will only show My Contacts and Phone Contacts. Voicemails will not have a forward button. While on a call, the transfer button, switch phone button, and ‚"more" button will be disabled.
Bug IOS-822 Changed the GoVoIP iOS code to allow the user to change the audio source/destination during call setup. Previously, the audio source/destination could only be changed once the call had connected.
Improvement IOS-821 GoVoIP iOS now tries to restore the previous Google SSO login after the application's API access token and refresh tokens have expired.
Bug IOS-820 Improved logic in GoVoIP iOS related to the handling of expired API access and refresh tokens. To better support customers with non-default access token expiration times, GoVoIP iOS will now check for an expired warning header in HTTP replies from the API and will more efficiently handle obtaining new tokens with saved user access credentials. 
Bug IOS-818 Made improvements to the app registration process when terminating the app and then receiving an incoming call push notification.
Bug IOS-808 Improved code used to create a Group Chats unique session identifier. Prevents a condition that could cause one conversation to appear as two separate conversations.
Bug IOS-807 GoVoIP iOS will now hide the ‚"Call using Mobile Phone" option in the application if the user has not already set their mobile number.
Bug IOS-804 Fixed an issue where some chat messages were not being shown due to a timezone mismatch.
Bug IOS-797 Resolved a crash condition edge-case that could occur if multiple presence updates were received by GoVoIP iOS at the same time.
Bug IOS-792 Resolved a bug to allow system administrators to once again change the postfix for mobile iOS phone devices using ‚"MOBILE_IOS_LOGIN_DEVICE_POSTFIX" or for iOS tablets using ‚"MOBILE_IOS_TABLET_LOGIN_DEVICE_POSTFIX".
Bug IOS-791 Added an extra check to prevent messages received redundantly from being added to a conversation.
Bug IOS-790 Resolved a condition that could cause all SMS messages in a conversation to appear as messages sent by the user. 
Improvement IOS-782 Added support for dark mode in GoVoIP iOS.
Bug IOS-780 Fixed an issue where WebPhon was not receiving all messages sent from GoVoIP iOS due to a timestamp error.
Bug IOS-769 Added functionality to CallKit's add call button which will open up GoVoIP to add another call.
New Feature IOS-765 Improved GoVoIP iOS handling of received chat notifications. All notifications from a single chat conversation will be removed once the app has been opened and the conversation has been viewed.
Bug IOS-764 Improved application code to continually sort the list of chat conversations such that conversations will now always appear in the order of their last received message.
Improvement IOS-762 GoVoIP iOS will now show custom contact labels in iPhone contacts such as ‚"Work" or ‚"DID" when viewing contacts saved to a user's phone.
Improvement IOS-761 When selecting "All" from the contacts drop-down filter, ‚"iPhone" contacts are included/displayed.
Bug IOS-751 Resolved an issue where GoVoIP iOS 3.0 was not respecting the ‚PORTAL_SOCKET_HOSTNAME UI config in some cases.  If this UI config is not set, then the app will connect to the nsnode instance of the server associated with the apps ‚"Server ID" parameter.  
Bug IOS-741 GoVoIP iOS will now correctly failover to the next available server if a SIP 503 is received.
Bug IOS-730 Various clients reported issues with logging out of GoVoIP but still receiving Push notifications for the logged-out User.  This issue has been resolved and ensures a clean logout occurs and explicitly clears user data and authorization tokens.
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