2n IP Door Phone SIP Setup

This guide will show you the settings needed to register a 2n SIP door phone to our platform.

**This guide was based on the 2n IP Verso so some things might be different but sip settings should be the same.**


1. Login to the web GUI of the 2n product. Go to the Services tab to edit phone settings.

2. Set the settings below to register the device.

Intercom Identity

Display Name: What you want displayed when gate is calling out

Phone Number: The extension of the device

Domain: The Domain name of the connection.


Use Authentication ID: Checked

Authentication ID: Extension number

Password: Device Registration password from portal

SIP Proxy

Proxy Address: Server URL goes here

SIP Registrar

Registration Enabled: Checked

Registrar Address: Server URL goes here

Registration Expires: 120


3. Then click save and the device should register.


**The SIP settings are found when creating under the phone tab once you create an extension to be a manual softphone.**





If you are using a video model with video phones you will also need to go to the video tab pictured below to enable Polycom Compatibility Mode under the Advanced SDP Settings.




That's it! Once registered you can create you contacts in the directory and it will call out using our sip server. If you need additional help with the door phone for setup please reach out to 2n support for assistance.




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