Grandstream PBX Trunk setup (Optional Pass CallerID)

This guide will explain how to setup a trunk and connect a grandstream pbx.

The second portion will explain how to setup the trunk to pass callerid of forwarded calls.


Basic Configuration of SIP Trunk

 You will need to setup a trunk in our system to connect the trunk to. The below screenshot shows basic setup with registration authentication.

**Make sure your trunk name has .trunk after it or else grandstream doesn't think its a domain.**



Once trunk is created you need to create the connection in grandstream pbx. See below fields to fill out.

Type: Register SIP Trunk

Provider Name: ResellerName

Username: Match from created sip trunk above

Password:  Match from created sip trunk above

Then Click Save


Once created open the Trunk and add the trunk name to the From Domain as seen below


Save, Then apply the changes. This will complete the connection to our platform. 




SIP Trunk Configuration for CallerID forwarding and Dial Translation needed

**This only needs to be done if callerID needs to be modified from the PBX Side**


First you will want to make sure all users/extesnions have a callerID associated with them. There are two ways of doing this.

1. Add a DOD callerID at the Trunk level to all users.

Go to The trunk and click the DOD icon pictured below.



Click "Add DOD" and enter the outbound Name and DID you want to out pulse and add the extensions to the list. You can add multiple and assign to the appropriate users as well. You will also need to add every new extension to a DOD or else calls will fail for new extension.


Save and Apply.


2. Add an outbound CID to individual extension. You will need to add the number you want to display to the CallerID Number Section. 



Once you have one of the two options set above its time to set the dial translation and change the trunk to send callerID to our system.



First add Dial Translation to the domain

Go to the NMS and click Dial Planning -Dial Translation. Then go to the domain and add the below 


Source: *

Destination: sip:[2-9][0-9][0-9][1-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]@*

Application:  To Connection

Destination Scheme Translation: sip:

Destination User Translation: 1[*]

Destination Host Translation: Choose the domain you are adding to

Source Name Translation: <CallerCidName>

Source User Translation: <OrigFromUriUser>

Source Host Translation: Choose the domain you are adding to

Description: Whatever you would like



Second turn the trunk to send the original callerID. 

Uncheck the Keep Trunk CID

Check the Keep Original CID



Save then Apply


Should be good to go after that.

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