How To Reboot Phones Remotely

Please note that scope required for rebooting phones remotely is either Office Manager or a Reseller.


The first step would be logging into the manager portal. After logging in, please navigate to the "Inventory"or "Numbers & Devices" tab.


Then it will show a list of phone numbers. From there, click on "Phone Hardware" tab to display all the desk phone devices in the company.


Then the page should appear like the image below. It will show all the devices, status, and their information. 


The Icon on the left column indicates their status. Simply the red X mceclip2.png means the device is either unregistered or offline. The green check-mark mceclip3.png indicates that the device is online and registered. 


Find the device that you would like to initiate the reboot by the MAC address or the Lines. The lines will show which extension the phones are registered under.


Once you know which phone(s) you want to reboot, simply click on the square check box on the far left of the device. Once any boxes on the left is checked, the buttons for "Bulk Edit" and "Reboot" should appear like the image above. Click Reboot. 



A pop up window like this should appear to ask for one more confirmation that you would like to reboot certain devices. It will show the model number and MAC address to verify the phones you want to reboot. Please take a look at the note before proceeding with the reboot. 


If the phone is on a call while reboot command was sent, it will not interrupt the call and reboot shortly after the call has been terminated. It is still recommended to double check with a person on-site if it is  acceptable for specified phones to reboot. 





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