Algo paging adapter setup

This guide will show you the two common setups of the algo paging horns and adapters.


Multicast Method (Most Popular and used in paging phones and overhead at the same time)


**Make sure to use the same multicast IP and port across the whole network**

Please note multicast only works on a local network and will not page over the internet to another location.

  1. Plug in the algo device and log into it via web gui. (Follow instructions from algo)
  2. Once logged in go to the Basic Settings then Multicast tab.
  3. Set Multicast Mode to Slave then press Save.mceclip1.png
  4.  Then jump to the Advanced Settings then Advanced Settings then Advanced Multicast
  5. Add the IP and port you are using to the all call section. You can also select a tone to be played if needed before page.(If you use our defaults its going to be Then press save.mceclip2.png

These setting program the algo to listen for the multicast page from the phones. If you are using a paging adapter you may need to follow algo's guide to get it connected to the existing paging system correctly. Here is a link to their integration guide.

If you have issues with integration you will need to reach out to algo for further assistance. 


SIP User Method

(Used if you need a night ringer or if you are paging a remote site that can't be multicasted *Can't use multicast and sip paging at the same time)

  1. Plug in the algo device and log into it via web gui. (Follow instructions from algo)
  2. For a night ringer you enable the Ring Alert and fill out the first Ring extension section if not just fill in the user info for the page extension. (Get these details under the users phones tab in the portal)mceclip4.png
  3.  Then go to the Advanced Settings then Advanced SIP to put the server address and change the register period to 240







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