GoVoIP for Android 2.1 Release Notes

GoVoIP 2.1.0 (1/22/2020)

Issue Type Key Release Notes Data
Improvement MULTIPLE  2.1 includes a complete SIP sdk swap that provides lots of small stability improvements throughout the application. 
Improvement SMA-735 Added Mute and Speaker buttons to the outbound call UI
Improvement SMA-957 Added TLS Support to GoVoIP Android
Bug SMA-956 Android SIP Expiry time is now configurable via the UI Config "ANDROID_SIP_EXPIRY_TIME" and uses a default value of 30 if UI config is not found.
Bug SMA-952 Chat functionality and UI elements in-app are disabled if UI Config "MOBILE_ANDROID_CHAT_ENABLED" is set to false
Bug SMA-950 Improved audio quality via SIP SDK improvements.
Bug SMA-764 Improved inbound and outbound volume on most Samsung devices
Bug SMA-951 Improved Push functionality for Incoming Calls
Bug SMA-958 Resolved an issue where chatting with contacts with 4 digit extensions was sending SMS instead of Chat messages.
Bug SMA-728 Resolved issue where incoming calls received from a locked phone would require unlocking the phone before a transfer could be completed.
Bug SMA-948 GoVoIP Android now performs oAuth token requests via bytes instead of plaintext
Bug SMA-943 Users can now search by name and number when sending a new chat or SMS message.
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