Toggle Time frame

This guide will walk you through the steps to add a button on a phone that will enable/disable call forwarding.

1. Build a Time frame


2. Add the time frame to the user that the number in question is pointed to. Make sure to disable the time frame.


3. Make a star code to toggle the time frame. NMS portal -> Dial translations -> select the domain. Follow the screenshot below. Application parameter is the time frame name and is case sensitive. Source user translation should be the extension number of the user where the time frame is built.toggle_3.PNG

4. Once the translation is made you should see the toggle star code in the answering rules. Make sure the time frame that is being toggled is above the business hours.


5. Last step is adding the star code as a speed dial on the phone that needs to toggle the time frame. When the button is added, pressing it will announce if the time frame is being enabled/disabled. This will be reflected in the portal also.



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