Programming a SNOM PA1 device

First need to find the IP of the device. If its plugged into page horns you can press the IP/Reset button once to make it announce the IP address. You can also do an IP scan on the network to find it.

Enter IP address into browser to access the PA1. Login using default credentials.


To use the the SNOM PA1 to listen for multicast paging(Most common option).


Go to the Multicast SIP/RTP tab under Advanced.


Here you can enter whatever the phone pages to.  By default

Apollo Yealinks listen/send from

Zeus Yealinks listen/send from

To keep a phone from "listening" to pages use below override to Null the code out



Apply. Then save changes at top.


You can also program the SNOM to be an extension to call to page or be night ring.

Once in GUI navigate to Identity 1



Set settings above in red box. You can get them from your provider or portal.

Then navigate to the SIP tab on top under Identity one and see settings below



Change Proposed Expiry to "360" and change Support Broken Registrar to "On"

The auto answer can be switch on or off depending whether you are using night ring or trying to dial in to page.

Apply. Then Save changes at top.



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