Send An Outbound Message To An Offnet Number Included In A Simultaneous Ring

  • You will need to contact Viirtue to have the following UIConfig enabled for the domain - PORTAL_ANSWERRULES_AUDIO_CONFIRMATION_OPTIONS


Using the Feature

  1. Log into the Portal and navigate to the desired user.
  2. Navigate to the Answering Rules of the user and edit the desired answering rule.  
  3. When Answer confirmation for offnet numbers is selected, Confirmation Audio options will be presented.  Answering_Rules.png
    1. Selecting the red record button will prompt for a number to call in order to record the audio. This can be an extension or offnet number.  
    2. Once you select Call to Record, a call will be placed to the given extension.  
    3. Follow the prompts to Record the message that will be played.
      NOTE: Once the recording is complete the modal will then be updated to allow for further audio options. Keep in mind that this is only presented to logged in portal users that have completed Call to Record to their own user.
    4. These audio options include playback, download, record (replaces existing), and delete.
  4. When an answering rule including a simultaneous ring with Answer Confirmation for offnet numbers is active, the recorded confirmation will be played for the offnet number. 
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