Grandstream Door Phone Programming GDS3710 Web GUI and Configuration


  • Find IP address by performing an IP Scan 
  • Put the IP address in a Browser.
    • Default user: admin
    • Default Password: Printed on the back panel of the device.
  • SIP needs to be registered with the Phone Information (When you create the device for an Extension in the Viirtue)
    • Account Name: Name of the device
    • SIP Server: Use the domain of the extension

    • Outbound Proxy: GET FROM PROVIDER

    • SIP User ID: Number of the extension

    • Authentication ID: Number of the extension

    • Password: Use the sip password given in phone info

  • Go to Door System Settings
    • Call Mode: SIP Number
    • Doorbell Mode: Call Doorbell Number
    • Door Bell Call Mode: Serial Hunting
    • Number called when Door Bell Pressed: Extension of Call Queue to ring devices

  • Go to SIP Setting > SIP Advanced Settings > Enable the following:

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