v40 Release Notes

  • ViiBoards
  • "Sites" Support
  • SMS Call Center
  • Automatically add mac addresses to Yealink & Polycom RPS
  • 3 way calling in WebPhone
  • Per queue login via star code
  • Improved support for multiple auto attendants in a domain
  • Larger CDR Export ability through emailed link. 
  • Extension-less screen share in Video Meetings
  • SMS/Chat Push support
  • Call Center Improvements
    • 10 min intervals
    • ACW 
    • AST
    • Improved CPU use on stats
  • Improved CPU usage by NCS in background processing. 
  • Improved DB write performance through threading 
  • Improved Sbus receive logic to parse higher amounts of data for larger clusters
  • Support for larger imports
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