Programming an Algo 8028 Door Phone


1. Plug device into network and scan to find the IP of the device.

2. Then navigate in a web portal to the ip. It may make you create a password at this point.

3. Program the basic setting below.(Get user/pass info from portal or your provider). The dialing extension is a call queue you create to ring multiple phones when the button is pressed. It can be a single extension as well but its easier to make a call queue and add agents in case you need to change later.



4. Then click the Door Relay tab under Basic. This is where you adjust the door open code and duration of the relay to latch on the algo.

5.Click on the Advanced Settings tab. You can edit network settings if you'd like. Then click call this limits the amount of rings you'd like for the algo to try before hanging the call up.

6. Click on Advanced SIP and see screenshot below on settings. (Make sure to get the server from the portal or provider)


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