How to program a Peplink with Viirtue VoIP settings


First you will need to go to the Web GUI(Default login is admin/admin).


Then you need to go to the network tab. Then find the service passthrough tab on the left to set the SIP to Compatibility Mode. Then click save.


Then browse to QoS on the left and click Add.



Then add the Category of VoIP and application will be All supported VoIP Protocols. Make sure its set to high and save changes on the following screen.



Now to navigate and create the outbound policies to ensure that the VoIP failsover correctly and is not load balanced in any scenario. This is under network tab and on the left submenu. You will click Add Rule to create the Outbound Policies.

You will create two outbound policies one for the primary server and one for the backup.

Name it Viirtue Primary for the first one and Viirtue Backup for the second

Make sure Source is set to Any on both that you create

Destinations will be domain name provided to you by Viirtue.

Protocol is Any on Both

Algorithm is Priority on Both

Put it in the order needed for ISP failover.

Terminate Sessions forces the connection back to primary when link is restored. It’s up to you on that. When the link re-establishes you might lose audio for 3-5 seconds when the session link restores back to the primary. I normally force it just so we are back on our main ISP.


Make sure to click Apply Changes at the top when all these have been made. That’s it now you can program the ISP info, LAN, and any other routing settings you need in the Peplink.

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