For Resellers: Project Port Guidelines

In the event that you’d like to port substantial quantities of telephone numbers to the Viirtue network, we offer a Project Porting service.

Project ports must meet the following criteria:

Maximum of 3 losing carriers
Minimum of 100 TNs per losing carrier
The standard SLA for project porting is 3 weeks.  To submit a project port please submit a ticket to
Submit to Projects Team with spreadsheet (attached).


Start filling out the spreadsheet in Cell A-2. Each telephone number needs to be entered in it’s own row on the spreadsheet.


Column A Your Viirtue Account Name or Account Number.
Column B The Billing Telephone Number for the End User’s account. 
Column C The End User’s name as it appears with the losing carrier.
Column D-H The End-User's Service address. 
Column I The numbers that you’d like to port to your Viirtue Account.
Column J You may request an FOC date. If you leave this column blank, then we'll submit for the first available date.
Column K-L The End User’s PIN and Account number. These fields are required if we are porting from a wireless carrier.
Column M The person’s name who authorized the port on the LOA.
Column N The date the signature was acquired.
Column O Indicate if your telephone number will be enabled for SMS and MMS.
Column P If you don’t expect more than 250 thousand Minutes of use per month, please type ‘Yes’ in this column. 
Column Q Viirtue Porting team will complete this column on your behalf.



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