Call Center Supervisor & Agent

Agent Call Center Tab:

1. My Queues: Shows users which call queues they are in, their priority, wrap-up time, and the number of callers waiting in the queue.

2. My Graphs: Shows user stats of personal calls for the current day and last 10 days. This includes all calls not just calls through their assigned call queues.

3. Status: Users can toggle between online and offline modes. Users can also login or out of a call queue by dialing *51 and *52.

4. My statistics: Various call stats for the user and their assigned call queues.

5. Active phones: Shows devices registered to this users. Includes the web phone and mobile app.

6. Recent Call history: Shows recent calls to and from this user.



Supervisor Call Center Tab:

1. Call Queues: Shows the supervisor active calls, callers waiting, and agents currently idle for all call queues.

2. Active Calls Graph: Shows active calls for the last 8 hours for the selected call queues in the call queue section above. Selecting the check box next to the call queue name will add a graph to this section.

3. Reports & Settings: Detailed call center reports for all call queues and agents. Follow the link below for a more detailed article on this section.

4. Agents: Shows each call center agent in your domain and their status. Green is an idle agent, red is an agent on a call, grey is an offline agent. 



Supervisor Call Queue Tab:

1. Name: Selecting the call queue name will allow users to make changes to the call queue settings. Supervisors can change the queue ring timeout, forward if unanswered, and other useful settings.

2. Agents (Available): This will allow a supervisor to add or remove agents from a queue. The ring order and wrap-up time can be changed also. Supervisors can also change the status for agents through this menu. The number on the left shows total agents in the queue while the number in parenthesis is the number of available or idle agents.




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