Viirtue Video Conferencing User Guide

Viirtue Video Conferencing

Viirtue's Video Conferencing feature has been updated and enhanced to support up to a 16 person video conference including Video, Voice, Text Chat and Screen Sharing.


Getting Started:

Currently you can start a video conference 2 ways, both of which require being logged into your portal.

Once you're logged in you will need to open the Contacts panel located on the bottom right and click on the camera icon next to your name/ext at the top or next to one of your contacts:


After clicking the camera icon it will open a new page confirming access to both a Camera and a Microphone if available. By default if available the camera and microphone will be enabled, however you can use the switches to disable if needed:

After clicking Continue you should hear an audible "Thank you!" followed by a live feed from your camera. 



Sending Out Invites:

Whether or not you've started the conference by yourself or by inviting a contact you can invite others from your contact list, via an email address or through a direct link. To do so simply hover your mouse over the top right of the video feed and you will see both the Meeting ID and the Invite Icon:

Clicking the invite icon open the following window:



Video Conference features:

Here we're going to briefly go over the other options and buttons available during a Video Conference Call including: Muting/Disabling the Camera and Microphone, Screen Share, Chat & Participant list, Full Screen mode and the Hang up Button.


These buttons can be found at the top next to the Invite button from earlier:


Mute Microphone - Mutes your microphone.

Mute Camera - Disables your camera.

Screen Share - Enable's sharing your screen with the all conference users.


Chat & Participant List - This pops out a side bar that includes the participants list and the chat!


Full Screen - Full Screens your video fee. You can also click the full screen button on another users video feed to full screen their video. 

Hang Up - Hangs up the call for you.


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