How to Send a Fax with Viirtue's eFax

Here’s instructions for using our e-fax service:

Sending faxes via the portal:

You can log in to our fax portal to view all received/sent faxes and send faxes. Log in at 

If you do not know your log in credentials, please reach out to us at for assistance.

To fax from the portal, simply type the 10 digit fax number in the "Fax Number" field. Then attach the file you wish to fax and press "Send"

Sending faxes via email:

You are also able to send faxes directly by email by attaching the document you wish to fax to an email and sending to (x’s to be replaced by the 10-digit fax number. Just digits, no dashes, spaces or parenthesis.)

Please note, the fax must be sent by an authorized email address. If sent from any other email, the fax will be rejected for an unauthorized sender.

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