Building and Using Conference Bridges

To build a conference bridge:


  1. As an "office manager" level user, click the "conferences" icon 
  2. Then click the "add conferences" button at the top right
  3. Name the bridge, give it an available extension number, assign leader pin and participant pin.  If you have available numbers, you can select them from the dropdown to ring directly to the conference bridge. You can also choose the options to require a leader to start a meeting, how many people need to be in the room to start the meeting in the dropdown, Announce people coming into the meeting, and in addition require them to record their name as well.                                 
  4. Click "save" when done.  The bridge should be ready for use.


Using a conference bridge

  1. Dial the direct number (if applicable) or extension of the conference bridge
  2. The moderator will enter the moderator pin and follow the voice instructions, while standard participants will use the participant pin. 
  3. When you have an active conference call, you can click the number of participants in the portal to view realtime conference bridge info, invite participants, and mute/disconnect unruly users as seen below.
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