DTMF Timeout for Auto Attendants

The v39.0 release adds a new feature allowing configurable DTMF settings on each level of the Auto Attendant designer. The three new settings are timeout before first digit, timeout after last digit, and max digits to accept


  1. Log into the Portal with a scope of Office Manager or higher and navigate to the Auto Attendants tab and press edit for your desired auto attendant.
  2. Next click on the Options button for the menu prompt as shown below.
  3. Once the modal appears, you might need to click Set Custom text in order to bring up the option sliders. If the default settings are desired, leave the text unclicked.
  4. After clicking Set Custom you will see the options below:
  5. Then you can use the sliders to set the timeout before first keypress, timeout after the last keypress, and the maximum key presses to collect.
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