Resellers: Setting up e911 locations

e911 must be setup for every domain.  Failure to setup e911 may result in a fine for unprovisioned 911 calls.


1. First click the "Inventory" tab within the customer domain.

2. Next, select the "911 numbers" tab.

3. Click the "add 911 number" button.

4. Next fill out the 911 information including the number you wish to use.  If you have user's in multiple locations, you will have to create and assign a 911 number to each user for 911 to work properly.

5. Next click the validate button at the bottom right.

6. You should then see the message that the address was confirmed via google maps

7. Now click save to save and publish the 911 record.


Next assign the 911 number to each user.  That's it!

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