Reseller UI Configs

UI configs allow a Reseller to enable/disable certain aspects of the system that are intended to be an add-on or billable service.

These services include but are not limited to; WebPhone, Attendant Console, Screen Pops, and more.


To add a UI config login to the core server and navigate to system>settings>advanced>UI Config


To add a config, click the "add" button.

Now select the account type.  If you would like to make this parameter for a single domain, choose domain.  For a rule to effect all your accounts, select *.

Select the domain you wish to apply this rule for.

The role is the scope of user you wish to apply this rule to.  For all roles select *.

The user is the extension number or again for all select *.

The parameter can be added from the list at the bottom of this doc.  For this example, we will disable audio monitoring in the portal for office managers.

Value will be set to either yes or no.


  Parameter Default for Basic User Default for Office Manager Default for Call Center Supervisor Default for Reseller Default for Super User Released Code Version Value Syntax Description
  PORTAL_AGENT_SCREEN_POP_URL n/a n/a   n/a   1221 text - url The URL for inbound screen pop on answered call. Popular with allstate e-ag
  PORTAL_ALLOW_AUDIO_MONITOR no no   no   1221 yes/no Allow Audio Monitoring
  PORTAL_ALLOW_WHISPER_BARGE no no   no   1221 yes/no Allow Whisper Barge
  PORTAL_ALLOW_AUDIO_MONITOR_ON_QUEUES yes yes   yes   1220 yes/no Allow Audio Monitoring in queues
  PORTAL_ALLOW_WHISPER_BARGE_ON_QUEUES yes yes   yes   1221 yes/no Allow Whisper Barge in queues
  PORTAL_ALLOW_WEB_PHONE no no no no no v36 yes/no Enable SNAPmobile Web by setting the value to yes. The default value is no.
  PORTAL_ALLOW_WEB_PHONE_TOOLBAR yes yes yes yes yes v36 yes/no To display a link in the top toolbar; to launch SNAPmobile Web set a value of yes (default). Set the value to no to hide.
  PORTAL_WEB_PHONE_NAME SNAPmobile Web SNAPmobile Web SNAPmobile Web SNAPmobile Web SNAPmobile Web v36 text Name that appears in Portal toolbar and browser title



#005b86 #005b86 #005b86 v36 Hexadecimal CSS Used for the primary theme color(background). default is #005b86
  PORTAL_THEME_ACCENT #902340 #902340 #902340 #902340 #902340 v36 Hexadecimal 

Accent colors within the app- buttons/dialpad, contact alphabet. default is #902340

  PORTAL_CHAT_UC no no no no no v36 yes/no Set to yes to enable intradomain chat in the portal
  PORTAL_CHAT_SMS no no no no no v36 yes/no Set to yes to enable SMS in the portal
  PORTAL_ATTENDANT_CONSOLE no no no no no 1227a yes/no

Set yes to enable access to the attendant console, no to disable


  PORTAL_HELP_LINK null null   null   1221 text - URL A customizable link to any other site opening in a new tab. Any non null value will enable it as a link to the url in the value
  PORTAL_HELP_NAME Help Help   Help   1221 text The text value for the link above.





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