WebPhone User Guide


  1. To open the webphone, login to the customer portal and click the link at the top right of your screen that says "Apps" then "Webphone"
  2. There are two different sizes of the webphone that optimize it better for your use.  The first size is similar to the mobile app and the default size.  By resizing larger as seen in the second image, you are able to see chat/sms conversations easier.
  3. The "Contacts" page allows you to add contacts by clicking the "+" icon at the top.  You can also see if a colleague is on a call or logged into chat with their presence indicators near their name as shown in the screen shot below. 
  4. The "calls" page will show your call history.  You can filter by missed, inbound, or outbound calls by clicking the call history down carrot.
  5. The "voicemail" page will show all voicemails.  Similarly you have the ability to sort by saved or new by clicking the dropdown above.
  6. The chat and sms page will bring up all conversations.
  7. One can also adjust answering rules from the web app by simply clicking and dragging the rule the user would like active to the top as seen in the image below.  Answering rules must be setup in the user portal, but can be adjusted here.
  8. Under the "greetings" page, you have the ability to create new voicemail greetings in addition to selecting which greeting is active.
  9. To make a phone call or start a new conversation simply click the "+" icon at the bottom right corner of the app.
  10. From here, click the pencil to start a chat or the dialpad icon to start a phone call.
  11. Making a phone call
    1. After clicking the dialpad, you should see a visible dialpad as seen here.
    2. Dial the phone number or extension you wish to dial, then click the green phone icon below to initiate the call.
    3. Once you have an active call you will have several more options
      1. Mute - Mute your line
      2. Hold - Put the caller on hold
      3. Dial Pad - in the event you need to press a digit for an auto attendant for example
      4. transfer - click transfer and follow the prompts to transfer that call
      5. Switch phone - seamlessly flip the call to your deskphone
      6. Contacts - open up your contact list
      7. End Call - The red icon will end the call
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