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  • Dial 08+ext. (Example: To intercom extension 100, dial 08100)


  • To check voicemail on your own phone, press the Messages button on your phone or dial
  •  To check voicemail for any extension from any phone, dial 5000 and enter the extension
    number when prompted
  • When prompted, enter your voicemail pin and then press #

Transfering calls:

  • Attended Transfer: allows you to speak to the transfer recipient prior to completing the
    transfer while the caller is on hold.
    • Press the Transfer key on your phone.
    • Dial the recipient's extension.
    • Speak to the recipient, then either press Transfer again to complete or cancel if the recipient cannot take the call.
  • Blind Transfer: a blind transfer goes straight to the recipient. (You may also use this method to transfer to a 10 digit external phone number)
    • Press Transfer
    • Dial the extension (or phone number) of the recipient
    • Press Transfer
  • Voicemail Transfer: will go straight to the recipient's voicemail box without ringing the
    recipient's phone.
    • Perform a Blind Transfer with 03+ext

Park and Hold: On your phone system, hold is a local function. This means a call held on your phone cannot be picked up at another station. Park is a system-wide function. This means a call parked at one phone may be picked up by any phone.

  • To Park a call, press the Park button (1, 2 or 3) only one call at a time may be placed on each Park.
  • If a call is parked, the light next to the button will be red, if it is open, it will be green.
  • To retrieve a parked call, press the Park button the call was placed on.

Directed Call Pickup: Directed call pickup (DCP) allows you to answer a call ringing at another station.

  • Dial 07+ext. (Example: If 111 is ringing, dial 07111 to pick up that call.)

3-Way Conference:

  • Call or be called by the first participant in the conference
  • Press the Conference key, then dial the second participant
  • After the second participant picks up, press Conference again to connect everyone.
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