How to edit Agents in a Call Queue

How to edit Agents in a Call Queue



Once you are logged in to the portal, be sure you hit ‘Manage Organization’ at the top. Once you have done this, click the ‘Call Queues’ button.
Here you will see the different ring groups/call queues you may have set up.

Choose which queue you will be editing and look to the right where it says the number of Agents (Available), Click the # of agents and it will open a pop up window.


This is where you can see all the agents in the queue and edit them.
If you click ‘Add Agent’ you can begin adding a new agent by typing in an extension number or cell number.

Underneath this you will see various settings such as Max Simultaneous Calls (How many calls an agent should take at once)
and queue priority for agent (If calls should hit a certain agent over another agent).

You can also delete agents by clicking the red ‘x’ button all the way to the right!

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